Listen again: 19th June 2012

David Bedella (left) as Arnold and Joe McFadden as Ed in the ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ at the Menier Chocolate Factory
Photo: Catherine Ashmore

Rosie’s girlfriend Wendy Baverstock stands in for Rosie and chats to actress T’Nia Miller from the film ‘Stud Life’ and to Emma Adams, whose play ‘Freakoid’ is shown at the Oval House Theatre within the Mauve New World Season.

We still hear from Rosie, when she talks to arts and showbiz reporter Alex Goldberg, who saw ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ for us at the Menier Chocolate Factory. The play stars David Bedella in the lead role and according to Alex it’s a show not be missed.

T’Nia tells us about the challenges of playing JJ, a rather butch lesbian but with a gentle side and how she was experienced by others when dressed as JJ. ‘Stud Life’ is part of the POUT Film Festival that ran between 21st and 23rd June at the Apollo Cinema Piccadilly and will be touring the country in July and August.

Emma shares with us, what motivated her to write and perform ‘Freakoid’. After a try out at the Oval House, it can be seen on 20th and 21st July at The Nightingale in Brighton.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Patrick Wolf: ‘Loud and Brave’ from the album “Lupercalia”

2) Patrick Wolf: ‘Together’ from the album “Lupercalia”

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