Listen again: 23rd October 2012

A very literary show today with author North Morgan in the studio and Wendy Baverstock reviewing Sandi Toksvig’s ‘Valentine Grey’.

North Morgan talks about his novel ‘Exit Through The Wound’, which is short listed for the Polari Prize. The book tells of a young Greek man who comes to London, but also describes the experience of coming out.  It is based on his autobiographical blog London Preppy and he explains how the blog turned into a novel. We are excited to hear that he is working on a sequel! To be up to date you can follow him on Twitter under northmorgan.

Wendy Baverstock shares with us the delight of having seen Sandi Toksvig’s show ‘My Valentine’, which is not only entertaining but also inspiring as it gives us some autobiographical footnotes. For example, despite Sandi being a much-loved comedian, she, too, suffered from discrimination. We also hear what motivated Sandi to write ‘Valentine Grey’: There are simply not enough exciting adventure stories for girls! ‘Valentine Grey’ is a story about a girl, who disguised as a man, joins the Boer War in 1897. Adopting a male persona liberated her in an unusual way, something which can’t be said of her cousin Reg, who avoided going to the war.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Tegan and Sara: ‘Red Belt’ from the album “Sainthood”

2)    Patrick Wolf: ‘Together’ from the album “Lupercalia”

3)    The Irrespressibles: ‘New World’ from the album “Nude”

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