Listen again: 13th November 2012

Production image from Sebastian Michael’s debut film “The Hour Of Living”

Rosie chats to Sebastian Michael, who wrote, directed and produced “The Hour of Living”. It’s his debut film and in some scenes he is even in it! The story revolves around Theo, who searches for the person behind the camera – the person his father is smiling at before he got married. The journey is not easy and takes him to a remote village in Switzerland. Sebastian reveals, where the idea for the story came from and they discuss the question of the love of one’s life. He also tells us about the special system through which the film was funded: Frame Funding. It allowed him to produce the film he had in mind. The film has already been shown in Basel, New York and Italy.

Wendy Baverstock is back. This time with her thoughts on Dawn French’s new book “Oh, Dear Silvia” and its lesbian character. It’s quite a dark character and the story is told through friends and relatives, who come to visit her in hospital while she is in a coma. What comes to light is that Silvia has a lesbian lover, who suffers from the relationship as it is not recognised. Despite the sad parts, the novel has still comedic value, which you would expect from Dawn French. Wendy clearly recommends the book.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Tegan and Sara: ‘Red Belt’ from the album “Sainthood”

2) Virginia MacNaughton: ‘Goodbye To All That’ from the film “The Hour Of Living”

3) John Grant: ‘TC And Honeybear’ from the album “Queen Of Denmark”

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