Listen again: 11th December 2012

Scottee's latest show 'Camp (as Christmas)' at the Roundhouse

Scottee’s latest show ‘Camp (as Christmas)’ at the Roundhouse

Rosie chats to performer, broadcaster, director and writer Scottee. He recently directed Amy Lamé’s comedy show ‘Unhappy Birthday’, which is “quite an experience” as he says. He now has his own show ‘Camp (as Christmas)’, in which he celebrates the festive season with all the things that go around in his head. It is a variety showcase featuring some of the worlds leading show offs. Another current perk is his Christmas song ‘Christmas Number One’, which is available on iTunes. He explains what led him into showbiz at the tender age of 14, discusses the meaning of ‘camp’ and gives an outlook on his daring next show ‘The worst of …’ Scottee can be seen at the Roundhouse on 13th – 15th and 19th – 22nd December.

Rosie is also joined by producer Jeremy Goldstein who has promoted many LBGT artists in the UK and abroad, including Penny Arcade and her show ‘Bitch, Dyke, Faghag, Whore!’ He shares with us how he got to know her and to work on the show, which was at the Arcola, the Old Vic Tunnels and the Albany this year. More dates are planned for 2013. He also tells us how he came to work in theatre when he ran away from home as a teenager in Sidney. Jeremy has recently been nominated for a Time Out/H100 Award as one of the 100 most influential people working in the UK’s creative industries. More about his work on Jeremy Goldstein Productions.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Patrick Wolf: ‘House’ from the album “Sundark and Riverlight”

2) Nona Hendryx: ‘Oil On The Water’ from the album “Mutatis Mutandis”

3) Bridie O’Brien: ‘New Year’s Day’ from the album “Highway Heart

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