Listen again: 5th February 2013

Karen McLeod, Erin McKeown and Rosie Wilby

Guests Karen McLeod and Erin McKeown with presenter Rosie Wilby at Resonance

A very busy show today! Rosie talks to Ira Sachs, director of the award-winning film ‘Keep The Lights On’, in New York. He tells us about the anxieties in a long-term gay relationship and “coming of ‘middle’ age”. He also tells how he found the two main actors Thure Lindhardt (Erik) and Zachary Booth (Paul). More about his work on

Singer-songwriter Erin McKeown brought her guitar along and gave us samples of her new album “Manifestra”. She explains what motivated her to produce an album that was more political than her previous ones and her cooperation with fellow musicians through modern technology.

Writer Karen McLeod reveals that she hosts the art party ‘Moona’, where she presents her new performance ‘Barbara Brownskirt’, the bitter, unpublished lesbian poet act, which will also be at ‘Duckie’. Karen is also the author of ‘In Search of the Missing Eyelash’ and the blog ‘The View From The Thirteenth Floor”. ‘Moona’ is next on 23rd February at the Horse Bar in Waterloo.

We also had two special guests from Planet London. Check out their review of our show.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Erin McKeown: ‘Proof’ from the album “Manifestra”

2) Erin McKeown: ‘The Jailor’ from the album “Manifestra” – live (on the podcast)

3) Erin McKeown: ‘History’ from the album “Manifestra” – live (on the podcast)

4) Georgette Dee: ‘Inverness’ from the album “Just Lovesongs”

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