Listen again: 2nd April 2013

Singer-Songwriter CN Lester

Singer-Songwriter CN Lester

Our first hour-long show is packed with music and lots of recommendations for shows to see.

Luke Meredith alias Mister Meredith tells us about the different shows he presents in April. There’s cabaret, there’s sing-along and even a murder mystery, which is still in rehearsal: “The Silence of Miss Scarlett” on  5th, 11th, 19th and 26th at Proud Cabaret. On the studio piano he also gives us a taste of his cabaret act singing ‘Old Time Religion’ and the ‘Doctor Who Love Song’. Check his Mister Meredith website to find where you can catch him and keep up to date with him via Twitter @Mister_Meredith.

Thomas Moore, Artistic Director of the Pressure Theatre Company, shares with us what his play “Shredding Memories” is about. What would life be, if one could buy or replace one’s memory? He also reveals that the title comes from a poem that he published for a friend. “Shredding Memories” plays at the Tara Arts Theatre from 11th to 13th April. His theatre company is the first company in the UK that establishes a full time company of actors practising the American technique of Viewpoints & Composition.

Singer-songwriter CN Lester is also a classical mezzo-soprano and appears in Puccini’s “Il Tabarro”, a gala concert on 12th April presented by the Co-Opera Company at the John McIntosh Arts Theatre. CN also tells us about being involved with the Cinema Museum and more opera projects. At the piano CN gives us a preview of “Aether”. More about CN on

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)Erin McKeown: ‘The Politician’ from the album “Manifestra”

2) Mister Meridith: ‘That Old Time Religion’ – live on the podcast

3) Mister Meridith: ‘Doctor Who Love Song’- live on the podcast

4) O’Hooley and Tidow: ‘The Last Polar Bear’ from the album “The Fragile”

5) CN Lester: ‘Ashes’ from the album “Ashes”

6) CN Lester: ‘Aether’  preview – live on the podcast

7) Christopher Owens: ‘A Broken Heart’ from the album “Lysandre”

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