Listen again: 16th April 2013

imagesRosie chats to Nikolai Foster, director of “Beautiful Thing”, on the phone. He talks about his production at the Arts Theatre and how he got involved in the project. He tells us about the personal connection he has with the play and how  overwhelmed he was by the response of audience at the first preview. Nikolai and Rosie also discuss in which way the situation for gay relationships has moved on or hasn’t, the relevance of the play for the gay community and the casting. “Beautiful Thing” tells the love story of Jamie and Ste on the Thamesmead housing estate in the 1990s. The show runs from 13th April to 25th May.

Clayton Littlewood, author of “Goodbye to Soho”, went on the LGBT History Tour of Soho for us. The tour is organised by the community organisation Centred, formerly known as Kairos in Soho, and takes place every Sunday. Clayton spoke to the tour guides Ric Morrison and Barbara Grey and shares his thoughts with us.

Rosie speaks to Alana Avery from On Road Media about their project All About Trans, which aims at bringing positive attitudes towards trans people in the media. Alana brought Jamie Pallas and Hel Gurney along, who are part of All About Trans. Jamie runs The Test Shot with LGW and Hel is a writer, activist and academic. They work with the BBC and Channel 4 and are at the beginning of making encounters happen. At the end of June they will tell us about the outcome of the project.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Boogaloo Stu: ‘Book of Love’ from the album “Magic Soul”

2) Christopher Owens: ‘A Broken Heart’ from the album “Lysandre”

3) Marc Almond: ‘Fun City’ from the album “Soho Songs For Piccadilly Bongo”

4) Georgette Dee: ‘Das bringt Spaß’ from the album “Einfach So? Genau!”

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