Listen again: 23rd April 2013

Champagne Charlie

Champagne Charlie
Photo: Tom Gliss

Champagne Charlie gives us a taste of his show “Lush Life – A Cabaret about Drinking” with his partner Michael Roulston at the piano. They tell us about the show, Charlie’s admiration for the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, which inspired his love for the 1920s and 30s, and how the pair got together many moons ago. They also talk about their work on the Cabaret scene as Charlie hosts cabaret nights at the Cellar Door, where he nurtures new talent. If he is not hosting events he also performs together with a band: Champagne Charlie and the Bubbly Boys. Charlie raises the glass to “Lush Life – A Cabaret about Drinking” on 27th April at St. James Studio.

Performer Boogaloo Stu chats to Rosie about his show “Pop Magic”, where the audience is encouraged to help with the song-writing and recording process, including lip-synching and a dance performance to make a pop video. Stu also tells us that he is content with his little ‘cottage industry’, where he is in total charge of what he produces from the music to the costumes and how he was influenced by David Bowie in his early days. He also has a new album out called “Magic Soul” and lots of gigs coming up, for example The Pop Kraft Baby on 3rd May in Brighton.

Multi-talented Nathan Evans is a proud member of the London Gay Symphony Orchestra (LSGO), which he joined 16 years ago, when he first came to London. Nathan shares his memories with us and how it came about that he joined them and what made him pick up the oboe in the school orchestra. He also gives us a sample by playing ‘Six Metamorphoses after Ovid’ by Benjamin Britten although this won’t be part of LSGO’s Easter Concert on 28th April at St Sepulchre-Without-Newgate Church in Holborn, which features Mahler and Elgar.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Marcus Reeves: ‘Black Tears’ from the album “Quicksilver – The Masquerade Macabre”

2) Champagne Charlie: ‘Loch Lomond’ – live (on the podcast)

3) Champagne Charlie: ‘The Lavender Song’ – live (on the podcast)

4) Boogaloo Stu: ‘The Book of Love’ from the album “Magic Soul”

5) Boogaloo Stu: ‘Cherry head’ from the album “Magic Soul”

6) Nathan Evans: ‘Six Metamorphoses after Ovid’ – live (on the podcast)

7) Heather Peace: ‘Fight For (Jack Guy Remix)’ from the album “Fairytales”

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