Listen again: 30th April 2013

Maggie and Me coverRosie talks to the director of ‘Joshua Tree, 1951’, Matthew Mishory, who is on the phone from California. He tells us, where the idea for this film portraying James Dean’s youth came from. Mainly shot in black and white and with a dream-like quality the film follows Dean when he attends drama classes at UCLA and explores his sexuality. Matthew gives an insight into his research and the balance between truth and fiction and the gay relationships Dean had but denied. Matthew also remembers the casting of James Preston who plays James Dean. The DVD of ‘Joshua Tree, 1951’ is out on 13th May.

Journalist Patrick Strudwick gives a passionate review of Damian Barr’s book ‘Maggie and Me’ – a memoir of growing up in a small town in Scotland during the Thatcher years. He praises the fact that, although describing Damian Barr’s unique life, ‘Maggie and Me’ is representative for a whole generation. Patrick also enjoyed Barr’s captivating writing style.

The TV sitcom ‘Vicious’, on the other hand, received a much cooler review by Patrick. In ‘Vicious’ Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi play an elderly gay couple that conforms to many clichés. The series started on Monday 29th April on ITV. More by Patrick on @PatrickStrud.

Rosie also chats to Bea Flatt who presents her new show ‘Pianoke’. At the piano she dedicates the evening to songs and silent films – a cinematic sheet music karaoke. In ‘Pianoke’ Bea covers an extensive range from Cole Porter to Schubert to Bond theme songs. Bea also strokes the keys of the piano in the studio playing Irving Berlin’s ‘I Love a Piano’ with much verve. She plays Sundays at the AlleyCat Bar and Club.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Marcus Reeves: ‘Black Tears’ from the album “Quicksilver – The Masquerade Macabre”

2) Boogaloo Stu: ‘Book of Love’ from the album “Magic Soul”

3) Erin McKeown: ‘Proof’ from the album “Manifestra”

4) Bea Flatt: ‘I Love a Piano’ – live (on the podcast)

5) Heather Peace: ‘Fight For (Jack Guy Remix)’ from the album “Fairytales”

6) Queen: ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ from the album “Greatest Hits”

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