Listen again: 28th May 2013

Nick_Filed_new_web_main_pic_460_544_95_sSinger Kit Richardson joins Rosie with her band for some live music and talks about her latest album “Love Songs in Age”. Kit tells us how she got her band together, which includes Alison Andrews (Violin), Kate Coggin (Violin), Sam Simon-Norris (Guitar) and James Bourne (Drums). Her upcoming gigs are at the New Cross Inn on 31st May and  at the Good Ship 22ndJune.

Nick Field carries us away chatting about his new show “Adventure/ Misadventure”, which is a mix of spoken word, physical theatre and music on themes of travel and freedom. Nick  admits he is a ‘compulsive traveler’, continuously searching for something and at the same time running away from something. This motivated him to pick travelling as the subject for his show, which was directed by Rachel Mars. It also includes movement and – very spectacular – a scene on roller skaters. “Adventure/Misadventure” runs at the Ovalhouse from 4th to 22nd June.

Rosie discusses with Juliette Prais and Emma Ziff from Pink Lobster Dating the lesbian dating industry and whether gay women are still more monogamous than their male counterparts. Nick remained in the studio to represent the male side. Pink Lobster Dating is unique in the UK and is primarily aimed at lipstick lesbians, where it is tricky to tell from their appearance whether they are gay or straight. Although it is set up as a dating site, some also use it to find friends. They discuss the need for different kinds of relationships such as companionship, the excitement of an affair and the fact that lesbians still stay close friends with their ex-girlfriends.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Tegan & Sara: ‘Closer’ from the album “Heartthrob”

2)    Kit Richardson: ‘You Always Did’ (live) – on the podcast

3)    Kit Richardson: ‘Better’ (live) – on the podcast

4)    Kit Richardson: ‘All Heart No Brains’ (live) – on the podcast

5)    Wallis Bird: ‘Encore’ from the album “Wallis Bird”

6)    Marques Toliver: ‘Weatherman’ from the album “Land of CanAan”

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