Listen again: 18th June 2013

PolariIt’s a packed show that celebrates a camp lifestyle in Victorian England, discusses diversity among lesbians and has fun with voices.

Director Campbell X talks about her work as an independent filmmaker and her film ‘Stud Life’, which was part of the Pout Film Festival last June and has won the Screen Nation’s Independent Spirit Film Production Award. Her first feature film ‘Stud Life’ is out on DVD on 8th July. Campbell tells us that the term ‘Stud’ originates from 1960s America and she and Rosie discuss the view on – and representation of  – different types of lesbians as well as homophobia within the black community.

Author Neil McKenna shares with us how he came to write ‘Fanny and Stella’. Although written in the style of a novel, it’s practically completely factual as it uncovers the trial of two young men who dressed as women in Victorian Britain. It tells of the persecution they faced but also of the camp lifestyle that they enjoyed.

‘Fanny and Stella’ is currently read by the London Gay Reading Group (LGRG). Nicolas Chinardet from the reading group tells us more about the group, the books they read and the authors they meet, including Neil McKenna and Damian Barr in July.  The has met LGRG for 12 years, among others at Foyles.

Editor of Polari Magazine Christopher Bryant and actor Steve Nallon present their involvement with the Pride Arts Programme. They record a radio performance on the history of the Polari lexicon on 23rd June at the St James Theatre, which is a mixture of narrative and sketches. With his voice Steve Nallon gives us an array of character ranging from Margaret Thatcher to Kenneth Williams, which are part of the story, which began earlier than we thought…

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Boogaloo Stu: ‘Bazooka’ from the album “Magic Soul”

2) Mark Eitzel: ‘There’s Somebody Waiting’ from the album “Brannan Street”

3) Patrick Wolf: ‘The City’ from the album “Lupercalia”

4) Krystle Warren: ‘Every Morning’ from the album “Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace”

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