Listen again: 25th June 2013

Berlin: Nollendorfplatz Underground Station photo: Sabine Schereck

Berlin: Nollendorfplatz Underground Station
Photo: Sabine Schereck

Rosie chats to Julie Jepson on the phone about her comedy show ‘Personal Triumph’. Julie reveals that she feels more confident when she improvises than when she has to work with a script. ‘Personal Triumph’ takes a light-hearted look at the triumphs and challenges of day to day life. The show is at Upstairs at the Southern Cross on 30th June.

Lewis Hancox and Leng Montgomery talk about their involvement with the project All About Trans organised by On Road Media. The project aims at bringing positive attitudes towards trans people in the media and in this context Lewis and Leng met The Observer and the BBC Talent Pool. Lewis is behind “My Genderation”, a video project with trans people, produced with Fox from Channel 4’s “My Transsexual Summer”. They discuss what it is like being the ‘T’ in the LGBT community and how they feel part of it. They also tell us that the trans community is a close-knit community with regards to social networks as they discuss experiences with the NHS when it comes to transitioning. For both trans men the chest operation and the funding of it was a significant part of their transition. Despite the difficult journey, both also made positive experiences, e.g. with their girl friends.

While in Berlin, entertainment reporter Alex Goldberg enjoyed a walking tour which explores Christopher Isherwood’s time in Berlin. The tour is guided by Brendan Nash who moved from Britain to Berlin a few years ago and realised he was living in Christopher Isherwood’s neighbourhood in Schöneberg, Berlin’s gay district, which also had a lively cabaret scene in the 1920s. Brendan tells us about the tour and his fascination with the time and place, which also led to his blog ,Cabaret Berlin’, which includes the details to arrange a tour.

Lorraine Martin, Chris Walters and Stefan Doering from the London Gay Big Band (LGBB) tell us about their up coming gigs on the main stage at London Pride on 29th June and at the Chilli Festival in Chichester on 11th August. The big band was formed in August 2011 and evolved out of London’s Gay Symphonic Orchestra and is a sister group to the London Gay Symphonic Winds. Chris Walters also offers us some live music on the clarinet: ‘Begin the Beguine’ by Cole Porter and the clarinet solo from George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Ezra Axelrod: ‘Loud and Brave’ from the album “American Motel”

2) Rae Spoon: ‘Joan’ from the album “Love Is A Hunter”

3) Tegan & Sara: ‘I Was A Fool’ from the album “Heartthrob”

4) k.d. Lang: ‘I Confess’ from the album “Sing I Loud”

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