Listen again: 3rd September 2013

Al Weaver and Harry Hadden-Paton in Alexi Kaye's play The Pride, photo by Marc Brenner

Al Weaver and Harry Hadden-Paton in Alexi Kaye’s play The Pride
Photo by Marc Brenner

Author Clayton Littlewood reviews ‘The Pride’ for us, which is playing at the Trafalgar Studios until 9th November. Written by Alexi Kaye Campbell The Pride is about the relationships between two men and a woman in 1958 and in 2008. Clayton praised the way it explored gay history and the superb acting. He also talks about his own involvement with the Green Carnation Prize.

Mark Healy from the charity 17-24-30 speaks about upcoming events for this year’s Hate Crime Awareness Week, which will take place between 12th and 19th October. The Hate Crime Awareness Week has teamed up with St Pauls Cathedral again and offers events throughout the UK. Mark also tells us how to get involved as a volunteer to help organise these events.

Ed Price, second violinist at the London Gay Symphony Orchestra (LGSO) and its current poster boy, presents their new season. On 20th October they celebrate Benjamin Britten’s centenary but also perform works by Sibelius. Their Christmas concert on 15th December features Delius and Prokofiev. Ed tells us why he enjoys being part of the LGSO and how he came to play the violin. Both concerts take place at St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in Holborn.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Annie Keating: ‘Storm Warning’ from the album “For Keeps”

2) Marcus Reeves: ‘Radio Head’ from the album “Quicksilver”

3) Marquez Toliver: ‘Try Your Best’ from the album “Land of CanAan”

4) Buckner Building: ‘Xoros Stella’

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