Listen again: 10th September 2013

Polly Hemingway as Queenie and Mia Mackie as Shirley in Maureen Chadwick's play 'The Speed Twins' Photo by Catherine Ashmore

Polly Hemingway as Queenie and Mia Mackie as Shirley in Maureen Chadwick’s play ‘The Speed Twins’
Photo by Catherine Ashmore

Wendy Baverstock shares her thoughts on Maureen Chadwick’s latest play ‘The Speed Twins’. It is set in an afterlife version of The Gateways club, where three women grapple with lost loves. Wendy enjoyed the performance very much, which reminded her of how far gay rights and acceptance have come. She also gave us a brief insight into the legendary lesbian club The Gateways. ‘The Speed Twins’ is running at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith until 28th September.

The duo Buckner Building consisting of Naomi Graham and Fritha Jenkins tell us about their musical roots, their experiences in Melbourne and Munich, how they met and what inspired them to combine field recordings of nature and urban life with traditional music. We also hear, where their name and their title ‘Xoros Stella‘ came from and what it means to play the violin, the rekorder and bagpipes.

Darren Mawdsley and Daniel Thompson from the City of Westminster College talk about the introduction of a LGBT group at their college and Section 28 today. A Stonewall Conference prompted Darren to initiate changes in the way LGBT is presented at the college. The group aims at supporting LGBT students and promoting equality and diversity. The group also offers tutorial resources for teachers. It is an important step forward as being LGBT in education is not easy as Rosie herself remembers. In order to find out more about his work, Darren can be contacted via Twitter @Luke_mawdsley.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Madison Violet: ‘Apologies’ from the album “Come as You Are”

2)    Buckner Building: ‘Xoros Stella’

3)    Goldfrapp: ‘Clay’ from the album “Tales of Us”

4)    John Grant: ‘It Doesn’t Matter to Him’ from the album “Pale Green Ghost”

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