Listen again: 17th September 2013

Alexi Kaye Campbell - author of 'The Pride' Photo by Johan Persson

Alexi Kaye Campbell
Author of ‘The Pride’
Photo by Johan Persson

Alexi Kaye Campbell, author of ‘The Pride’, talks about his play. He tells us that the quest for gay identity and the importance of knowing oneself motivated him to write the piece. This included the aspects that were inherited from previous generations, hence the setting of the play in 1958 and 2008. He also did a lot of research to make the language and the scenes set in the 1950s as authentic as possible. Alexi is currently working on a screen adaptation of his play ‘Bracken Moor’ and a new play that has been commissioned. ‘The Pride’ is currently enjoying a successful revival at the Trafalgar Studios after it first opened at the Royal Court in 2008.

Theatre director Hannah Quigley tells us about her involvement with ‘Lost Soles’, a pop-up gallery and theatre, which is part of the London Design Festival. She directs ‘Slipping’ by Chloe Mashiter. ‘Lost Soles’ was inspired by pictures of abandoned shoes from the twitter feed @abandonedshoes. ‘Slipping’ tells of a young woman who is reminded of her grandmother by a pair of velvet slippers. The monologue is performed by Katy Sage. ‘Lost Soles’ is produced by Riff Raff Productions and runs between 16th and 21st September at a gallery at 38 Earlham Street in Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

R’n’B singer and cabaret performer Dave The Bear talks about his debut single ‘Lose My Cool’. He started as a member of the Bearlesque and then founded his own troupe The Cubs. Singing has always been part of his life and Dave once performed at Ronnie Scott’s as a backing singer, where he had a brief, if awkward, encounter with the singer Prince. Through music he came to burlesque and, after having done burlesque for many years, it feeds back into his performance as a singer, which has become more confident. The video to ‘Lose My Cool’ will be shot in November and by next August Dave hopes to present the whole album in a show in Edinburgh.

The Southwark LGBT Network offers a discussion of kink: non-normative sexual behaviour and practices and its ramifications on the LGBT community. Speakers at ‘Introduction to Kink’ include Dr. Caroline Walters, lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies and Dominic Davies, psychotherapist at Pink Therapy. In ‘Introduction to Kink’ Caroline and Dominic explain that there is a spectrum and not all is related to pain. It revolves around the ideas of power and sensation and expands to the whole body and not just sex. At the same time, respect, boundaries and communication are vital when getting ‘kinky’.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Teegan and Sara: ‘Closer’ from the album “Heartthrob”

2)    Madison Violet: ‘The Ransom’ from the album “No Fool for Trying”

3)    Dave The Bear: ‘Lose my Cool’

4)    Aneesa Chaudhry: ‘I Got a Woman’ from the album “I Got a Woman”

5)    John Grant: ‘It Doesn’t Matter to Him’ from the album “Pale Green Ghost”

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