Listen again: 1st October 2013

Jazz musician Faye Patton photo by Alvin Yap

Jazz musician Faye Patton
photo by Alvin Yap

Rosie speaks to author Rebecca Idris, whose book ‘The Sitar’ has been short-listed for this year’s Polari First Book Prize. It tells the story of a Brit Muslim lesbian who leaves her Midland terraced house for London’s Soho. ‘The Sitar’ describes Rebecca‘s own experience and is self-published as Rebecca wanted the story ‘to be out there’. She has written since she was seven years old and her writing heroes include Salman Rushdie and Vladimir Nabokov. Rebecca is on Twitter @rebeccaidris.

Nu Jazz singer-songwriter Faye Patton talks about her new album ‘Dangerous Loving’. Faye explains the term ‘Nu Jazz’, which refers to original songwriting in Jazz as opposed to Trad Jazz, which is associated with the standards of the genre. She values her band’s training in gospel as it allows them to be very versatile and be at home in different genres. She also tells how her album Dangerous Loving came about after having had to face cuts from the Arts Council. Faye plays at the Pheasantry on 23rd October and she can be followed on Twitter @FayePatton.

Canadian folk duo Madison Violet speak to Rosie over the phone from the Old Queen’s Head in Islington, where they play that night to promote their first live album ‘Come As You Are – Live’. Madison Violet are singer-songwriters Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac. Brenley recounts that they got to know London quite well after having made recordings and performed here. She also reveals where the name Madison Violet comes and what made them record their live album in Cologne.      

Gay rights activist and journalist Terry Sanderson presents ‘Marlene Dietrich – An Affectionate Tribute’. Terry was first asked to present an evening about Marlene Dietrich to a gay group in 2006. It has evolved from there and continued to attract a gay audience as her complex personality has a wide appeal. She was strong and – by defying conventions – ahead of her time. Being androgynous, she not only appealed to men and women alike, but also had male and female lovers and many gay friends, including Noel Coward and Cole Porter. She enjoyed 1920s Berlin before she moved to Hollywood to become a filmstar. Later she fought in World War II and had a successful career as a cabaret singer. In her last film ‘Just a Gigolo’ in 1977 she appeared alongside David Bowie. ‘Marlene Dietrich – An Affectionate Tribute’ is at Conway Hall on 4th October and on 19th October at Marlborough Theatre in Brighton.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Bobby Blue: ‘Sunshine’ from the album “Sunshine”

2) Faye Patton: ‘Vessels of Independence’ from the album “Dangerous Loving”

3) Madison Violet: ‘All Apologies’ from the album “Come as You Are – Live”

4) Marlene Dietrich: ‘The Man’s in the Navy’ from the album “Falling in Love Again – The Marlene Dietrich Collection”

5) Marques Toliver: ‘Control’ from the album “Land of CanAan”

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