Listen again: 8th October 2013

Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early's Archive Performance at Chisenhale Dance Space

Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early’s Archive Performance at Chisenhale Dance Space

Rosie speaks to journalist Alison Stokes on the phone. She tells us about her book ‘It’s OK to Be Gay’, for which she gathered coming out stories from celebrities. It includes writer Stella Duffy, actress Sue Perkins, rugby player Gareth Thomas and Rosie herself. Alison was inspired to compile ‘It’s OK to Be Gay’ by the charity Diversity Role Models, which aims at changing the perception that particularly young people have of gay men and women.

Singer-songwriter Le Fil talks about his music and artwork, which looks at the queer body and the constructions of gender through sculpture. Le Fil explains why he chose this unusual stage name, in which way music, construction and performance are related to another and how Kylie Minogue helped him to learn English. He also tells us what meaning the colour black has for him and why he decided to call his song after that colour. Together with his guitarist Oliver Morson he plays ‘Black’ live on the show.

Rachel Gomme presents the Chisenhale Dance Space’s 30th anniversary season ‘The Big 30′. Rachel remembers how she got involved with the Chisenhale Dance Space and gives us an insight into the different events for the anniversary. One of them is Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early’s An Archive Performance on 9th November. The season also includes performances, workshops, events and talks until 23rd November.

Filmmaker Alexander Morris explains what motivated him to do his documentary ‘Bisexuality’. Itexplores how bisexuality is perceived in modern society and follows a selection of bisexual, straight and gay men and women. He reveals that many people feel threatened by bisexuals as they have relationships with both men and women. ‘Bisexuality’ is still work in progress but it’s coming closer to its final cut.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Annie Keating: ‘Leap of Faith’ from the album “For Keeps”

2) Le Fil: ‘Big Job’

3) Le Fil ‘Black’ (live) – on the podcast

4) Kitchens of Distinction: ‘Photographing Rain’ from the album “Folly”

5) Goldfrapp: ‘Clay’ from the album “Tales of Us”

6) Faye Patton: ‘Vessels of Independence’ from the album “Dangerous Loving”

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