Listen again: 15th October 2013

Cabaret singer Miss Hope Springs at the Crazy Coqs

Cabaret singer Miss Hope Springs
at the Crazy Coqs
Photo by Rick Truscott

Cabaret artist Miss Hope Springs alias Ty Jeffries presents the shows ‘Out of this World’ and ‘The Music of My Life’ at the Crazy Coqs at the Brasserie Zédel. Although Miss Hope Springs is often said to be inspired Dusty Springfield, Ty reveals that he actually had Peggy Lee in mind. He tells us about his father’s drag acts, his adventurous life in Hollywood that included the likes of Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra, and how grateful he is that there was no need to discuss sexuality within his family. ‘Out of this World’ runs every Sunday until 29th December (so far) and ‘The Music of My Life’ is part of the London Festival of Cabaret in November.

Author Mari Hannah chats to Rosie over the phone about ‘The Murder Wall’, a detective story set in Northumbria, which has been short-listed for this year’s Polari First Book Prize. Both discuss the necessity to remain closeted when wanting to progress in certain professions such as the police. Mari Hannah remembers the rejections she received, although The Murder Wall is now even published in America. She also explains that struggling with writing prose let her to adopt a writing style that is close screenplays.

Entertainment reporter Alex Goldberg reviews the rock-musical ‘Bare’, in which two students at a Catholic Boarding School in America struggle with their sexuality. Alex actually saw one of its first productions in New York and was very impressed by this European premiere. He particularly enjoyed the performances of the leads played by Ross Wild (Jason) and Michael Vinsen (Peter) and the number ‘911! Emergency!’, in which Virgin Mary and two angels appear as soul singers and joyfully advise Peter to come out. Bare was directed by Paul Taylor-Mills and enjoyed a sell-out run at the Union Theatre in May, before it transferred to Greenwich Theatre, where it plays until 27th October.

John Drennan, Chairman of the Gay Photographers Network, tells us about their 4th annual exhibition Gayzed. Its pictures cover a variety of themes and highlight the fact that a gay person is not only defined by his or her sexuality as many people tend to reduce them to this. Besides exhibitions the Gay Photographers Network offers workshops and meets once a month. Gayzed is presented at the Strand Gallery from 15th to 20th October.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Patrick Wolf: ‘This City’ from the album “Lupercalia”

2) Miss Hope Springs: ‘January Jones’ from the album “Live at the Crazy Coques”

3) James Snyder and Matt Doyle: ‘Best Kept Secret’ from the cast recording of “Bare”

4) Bobby Blue: ‘Sunshine’ from the album “Sunshine”

5) Le Fil: ‘Black’

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