Listen again: 22nd October 2013

Matthew Baldwin in The Act at the Oval House

Matthew Baldwin in The Act at the Oval House

Rosie speaks over the phone to actor and writer David W. Ross in California about his film ‘I Do’. It tells the story of a British gay man in New York who marries his lesbian best friend to stay in the US. David W. Ross shares with us how the story developed and the sad realisation that, when falling in love, gay people in the US have not the same rights as straight ones. He also talks about the psychological backlash that regards gay actors who play straight characters as it is something that does not exist the other way around. ‘I Do’ is released on DVD on 28th October.

Suran Dickson from Diversity Role Models presents Carnival 2013, a fundraising event on 24th October at the Café de Paris. Jimmy Somerville is the event’s headline act for the charity that fights bullying at school. Suran explains that having been at the right place at the right time is part of the charity’s success. She is also delighted to see that young people’s perceptions of the LGBT community have already changed in the relatively short period of time since the charity has become active.

Filmmaker Veronica McKenzie talks about her documentary ‘Under Your Nose’, which features the London’s Black Lesbian and Gay Centre. It is also part of Afro Queer, a panel discussion on 23rd October organised by the Southwark LGBT Network for the Black History Month. The documentary traces the making of the centre from 1985 until 1991 when it finally opened. It is the story about the people who made it happen and the quest for a ‘black queer identity’, as she describes it. The film is still work in progress and was shown at the Tate Modern. Updates can be found via Twitter @VeeMack1.

Writer and director Thomas Hescott offers us an insight into his play ‘The Act’, which explores of the decriminalisation of gay sex in 1967. Thomas tells us that the idea for ‘The Act’ came from a book. It was a collection of interviews with men who lived between 1885 and 1967 and were affected by the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 that saw male homosexuality as a crime. He devised the piece with actor Matthew Baldwin and included autobiographical elements and music. ‘The Act’ runs at the Oval House until 26th October and might to go on tour.

Comedian Aaron Twitchen chats about his new piece ‘A Princess Guide to Dating’ a comedy show about friendship, love and wine. Aaron reveals that having ‘morals’ is an important rule in his guide that he favours traditional courtship. He also tells us what it is like modelling at the One Love Wedding show, a wedding fair uniquely for LGBT couples. A Princess Guide to Dating’ is at the Dogstar in Brixton on 5th November.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Scissor Sisters: ‘Tits on the Radio’ from the album “Scissor Sisters”

2)    Faye Patton: ‘Around Town’ from the album “Dangerous Loving”

3)    Dusty Springfield: ‘I Only Want to Be with You’ from the album “I Only Want to Be with You”

4)    John Grant: ‘It Doesn’t Matter to Him’ from the album “Pale Green Ghost”

5)    George Michael: ‘Freedom ’90’ from the album “Listen Without Prejudice”

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