Listen again: 5th November 2013

Justin Varney from the Southwark LGBT Network offers an insight into the world of drag with ‘Dimensions of Drag’. The free event presents tricks of the trade regarding the transformation process from man to drag queen and explores the history of drag. Justin tells us, where the term ‘drag’ comes from and when drag shows started to emerge. As chair of the Southwark LGBT Network he also provides information on the network’s small grants scheme. ‘Dimensions of Drag’ happens at The Flying Dutchman on 20th November.

Abigail Tarttelin’s novel ‘Golden Boy’ tells the story of an intersex teenager who searches for his identity after his image as a boy is questioned. Abigail reveals that Golden Boy was inspired by the Argentinian film ‘XXY’. However instead of portraying an intersex character who is at the fringe of society, which has often been the case, she decided to put him at the centre. The result is a focus on him as a human being, which also offers a wider appeal.

Up and coming comedian Stephen Bailey chats about his debut solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. Stephen admits that he might call it ‘Unwritten’ as it is still work in progress. He also shares with us the highs and lows of a comedian regarding his current show ‘PowerCouple’ and ‘Gag Queens’, for the latter he teams up with Luisa Omielan. He has many gigs coming up around London, among them ‘Gag Queen’ at the Prince of Wales in Brixton on 10th November and the London preview of his Edinburgh show on 12th November at The Round Table.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Lou Reed: ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ from the album “Transformer”

2)    Andrew Pisanu: ‘Until the Rain Stops’ from the album “Collecting Diseases”

3)    Holly Miranda: ‘Waves’ from the album “The Magician’s Private Library”

4)    Owen Pallet: ‘Lewis Takes Off His Shirt’ from the album “Heartland”

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