Listen again: 12th November 2013

tony-hogan-2Playwright Philip Ridley tells us about the 21st anniversary production of his play ‘The Fastest Clock in the Universe’. Its main character Cougar is obsessed with youth and beauty and Philip points out that male narcissism is only a relatively recent development. He also talks about his upbringing in the East End, his background in visual art and his writing for children. ‘The Fastest Clock in the Universe’ runs until 30th November at the Old Red Lion.

Rosie speaks to author Kerry Hudson, whose novel ‘Tony Hogan Bought Me an Icecream Float Before He Stole My Ma’ has been short-listed for this year’s Polari First Book Prize. Kerry’s book is set in Aberdeen and explores the world she grew up in. Her novel tells of young female experiences in Scotland that have not been much represented in fiction, which motivated her to write about it. She also remembers writing the book in Vietnam, her travels to Siberia for her next novel and the importance of libraries in her life.

Shaun Dellenty, Equalities Co-ordinator at Alfred Salter Primary School, offers details about the anti-homophobic bullying training days at his school. Shaun explains that his initiative started in 2009 and brought to light that teachers often need to be educated on the LGBT subject as much as children do. His work ‘Inclusion for All’ already led to a fall in bullying at his school and has been picked up by the BBC. The broadcaster not only covers his training days but also has the project ‘Our School’ coming up, which is a cooperation with CBBC. Having been bullied at school, Shaun left school early and worked hard to get by. This experience has had a great influence on his award-winning training.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Pet Shop Boys: ‘West End Girls’ from the album “Please”

2)    Christopher Owens: ‘A Broken Heart’ from the album “Lysandre”

3)    Goldfrapp: ‘Clay’ from the album “Tales of Us”

4)    Georgette Dee: ‘Everyday Boy’ from the album “Drachenland”

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