Listen again: 26th November 2013

Music 2014 ANDRosie discusses female sexual fantasies with writer Emily Dubberly, whose book ‘Garden of Desire’ collects stories from women across the gender and sexuality spectrum. Emily was inspired by Nancy Friday’s book My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies, which was published 40 years ago. She talks about the difficulties of ‘measuring sex’ in a scientific way, describes her own research method for ‘Garden of Desire’ and points out that gender fluidity and trans awareness are often neglected. She also created, a women’s online magazine featuring erotica and more. 

Maureen Duffy, author of ‘The Microcosm’, tells us about her new novel ‘In Times Like These’, which explores the political consequences of Scottish Independence for Britain. Maureen reveals that one of the motivations to write ‘In Times Like These’ was to present a lesbian couple after having portrayed lesbians in groups and alone. She also remembers how ‘The Microcosm’ came about and the support her mother gave her when she was young. She and Rosie also discuss the issue of being pigeonholed as an LGBT writer and the affect it has on the career. On Friday 6th December, King’s College London presents ‘Maureen Duffy at 80: In Times Like These’, a free talk, for which tickets require reservation.

LGBT activist Sue Sanders presents the pre-launch of the LGBT History Month, which, in 2014, is dedicated to music. She talks us through the four LGBT artists who are at its centre and each representing L, G, B and T and celebrating important anniversaries: Ethel Smyth, a composer and friend of Virginia Woolf, composer Benjamin Britten, American blues singer Bessie Smith and Angela Morley, who wrote the signature tune for Hancock’s Half Hour. Sue says that a common theme in their work is often ‘being denied who you are and being an outsider’. LGBT History Month is pre-launched in Birmingham on 28th November with music and speakers accompanied by LGBT themed music workshops for secondary and primary schools.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Darren Ockert: ‘You Don’t Know Me’ from the album “Short Story Long”

2) Andrew Pisanu: ‘John Doe’ from the album “Collecting Diseases”

3) Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra: ‘Blue Moon’ from the album “Top Hits of the 1930s Vol. 1”

4) Mary Leay: ‘Waiting for You’ from the album “Songs from Grimm”

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