Listen again: 3rd December 2013

Jazz Musician Janette Mason

Jazz Musician Janette Mason
Photo: Tim Francis

Slam poetry performer Sophia Walker talks about her debut solo show ‘Around the World in Eight Mistakes’, which just kicked off its international tour at the Roundhouse in London. Sophia tells us where the idea for the show came from and that it only took three days to write it before presenting it in Edinburgh last August, where it won best spoken word show. She describes it as an epic poem and gives us two samples of her work. One is (tragically) inspired by having been beaten up in Eastern Europe because of her sexuality. More by her on Twitter @PoetWalker.

Jazz musician Janette Mason is currently working on her new album ‘D’Ranged’, her unique take on classic soul, jazz and pop, which also features David McAlmont. Janette aims to finance it via the crowd funding page Indiegogo and release it in March. She tells us about her varied work, which not only includes composing, arranging and performing but also working with stars like Lea DeLaria, Ian Shaw and K.D. Lang and producing music for film and television. A particular highlight of her career was having to perform with Oasis without a rehearsal. She can be heard live with a piano solo on 15th December at the Hideaway Jazz Cafe.

Director Patrick Kennedy presents Halbwelt Kultur’, a cabaret evening that features seven women that represent 1920s Berlin, including Marlene Dietrich and openly lesbian singer Claire Waldorff. Patrick remembers the origins of ‘Halbwelt Kultur’, when he and Stephanie Hampton, who plays cabaret singer Blandine Ebinger in the show, had to entertain VIP guests at a tour stop of Rufus Norris’ production of ‘Cabaret’. He also reveals where the term ‘Halbwelt Kultur’ comes from, how theatre critic Michael Billington helped to shape the show and what the plans for the future of the show are. It runs at the Jermyn Street Theatre until 15th December.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Wilby: ‘Travelling’ from the album “Boredom”

2) Janette Mason: ‘Sweet Dreams’ from the album “Alien Left Hand”

3) Claire Waldoff: ‘Raus mit den Männern aus dem Reichstag’ from the album “Perlen der Kleinkunst”

4) Ute Lemper: ‘The Lavendar Song’ from the album “Berlin Cabaret Songs”

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