Listen again: 10th December 2013

Alexander Geist

Musician Alexander Geist
Photo: Alexa Vachon

Rosie chats over the phone to Simon Gross, writer and director of ‘Sinderfella’. He reveals the special twist of this Cinderella version and remembers that it was the first adult pantomime that had been done in London at Above the Stag in 2008. Simon also explains why he chose the Green Carnation as a venue. Sinderfella runs at the Green Carnation until 5th January and can also be seen in Birmingham and Manchester.

Alexander Geist talks about his new single A Woman’s Right to Choose’, which he has also presented in France and Germany. He offers an insight into the video of ‘A Woman’s Right to Choose’, which shows many types of women. Alexander and Rosie discuss feminism and gender fluidity as Alexander himself is not fixed on one gender identity, so being called “a little bit Bowie a little bit Dietrich” by Electronic Beats does not come as a surprise.

Comedian Chris Coltrane shares his plans for 2014 off the back of his successful 2013 show ‘Compassion Is Subversive’. He remembers the beginning of his career, where Rosie played a significant part and tells us about his experiences as an activist and the difficulties of doing political comedy: The material gets quickly out of date and needs to be rewritten all the time. Chris also mentions the prejudices he is faced with as a bisexual. His love for comedy led him to run Lolitics at the Black Heart in Camden, a comedy evening where new material can be tested strictly on the condition that it is not offensive as it is meant to be a safe space for comedians and audience alike.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)     Frank Turner: ‘Dancing Queen’ from the album “Love Ire & Song + The First Three Years”

2)     The Hidden Cameras: ‘Year of the Spawn’ from the album “Age”

3)     Alexander Geist: ‘A Woman’s Right to Choose’

4)     O Hooley and Tidow: ‘One More Xmas’ from the album “Silent June”

5)     Miss Hope Springs: ‘Santa Is a Woman’ from the album “Now It’s Christmas Time’”

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