Listen again: 4th March 2014

Graham Elwell as Rachael in 'Rachael's Cafe' Photo: Anton Belmonté

Graham Elwell as Rachael in ‘Rachael’s Cafe’
Photo: Anton Belmonté

Rosie speaks to Lucy Danser, writer and director of ‘Rachael’s Café’, which tells the true story of Eric Wininger, a father of three in Indiana, who decides to give in to his female nature inside him and lives as a woman. Lucy tells us how her debut play came about, the fascinating personality of the real life Rachael and what impact the role had on actor Graham Elwell, who plays Rachael. After its successful run in Edinburgh, ‘Rachael’s Café’ plays at the Old Red Lion Theatre until 15th March.

Activist Sharon Facey offers us an insight into ‘Million Women Rise’, Europe’s biggest march against male violence on 8th March, which goes through central London. She explains about the importance of preserving women only spaces, highlights the need for more support by the government and tells what we can expect at the event on Saturday, which includes speakers from women services and performances from artists like Faye Patton. The demonstration of Million Women Rise starts in Oxford Street by Selfridges around noon and ends in Trafalgar Square. Afterwards there will also be a party. Participants are requested to wear something red.

Cultural correspondent Wendy Baverstock shares her thoughts on the acclaimed French thriller ‘Stranger by the Lake’, which won the Queer Palm Award. She very much enjoyed Stranger by the Lake as it is beautifully filmed and had her ‘at the edge of her seat’ towards the ends. She also mentions that the explicit sex scenes were actually performed by porn actors rather than the character actors. She and Rosie also discuss the film in reference to ‘Blue Is the Warmest Colour’, also a French film, but which describes a lesbian relationship. Both films are very different.

Down the line from Canberra, Australia, writer and producer Kat Holmes joins us on the phone to talk about her film ‘Submerge’, which looks at lesbian identity in Australia. It centers around the student Jordan, who has a promising career as a swimmer but falls for the wife of her art professor at uni. Kat Holmes reports that the reception has been very good and the film has been shown at many festivals. This includes some non-queer ones, where the audience also connected with the film, which demonstrates its universal appeal. ‘Submerge’  has just been released on DVD and on 11th March Planet London hosts a special screening of it at the Roxy in Borough (not in Soho as mentioned on air.)

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) John Cameron Mitchell: ‘Wicked Little Town’ from the original cast recording of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”
2) Hidden Cameras: ‘Ordinary Over You’ from the album “Age”
3) John Grant: ‘Black Belt’ from the album “Pale Green Ghost”
4) David Bowie: ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ from the album “Lodger”
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