Listen again: 11th March 2014

Supreme Fabulettes Photo:

The Supreme Fabulettes

Rosie welcomes the Supreme Fabulettes, who present their up-coming show Viva La Drag’ that goes on tour this month and includes new songs by Boy George. The Supreme Fabulettes are Sheila Simmonds (created by Richard Rhodes), Portia De Fossee (Steven Cleverly), Vicki Vivacious (Aaron Johns), Vanilla  Lush (Martijn Smit) and Silver Summers (Robert Houston). They tell us how the ‘all male girl group’ came together, remember their beginnings when they were ‘dragging’ all the luggage with the costumes through town and disasters they had on stage. They also reveal what it was like working with Boy George, that they are off to Gay Ski Week in Geneva and that an album with new material is on the agenda. Tour stops close to London include Stevenage on 27th March, Tunbridge Wells on 29th March and Brighton on 7th June.

Documentary filmmaker Rob Eagle discusses his film Having a Gay Old Time: Voices of LGBT History’ and future projects that include older lesbian groups as well. Rob explains that the generational divide motivated him to make this documentary as many young people are not aware of what the older generation of gay men and women have gone through and achieved. He also works with Jeffrey Weeks, a sociologist who devoted himself to LGBT history within the framework of a serious academic study. Rob began as an in-house filmmaker for University College London, where is film was screened during LGBT history month.

Peter Herbert, curator of  ‘Loudest Whispers’, and artist Michael Bolstridge talk about the work shown at this annual exhibition that is now in its 5th year. Peter tells us how the exhibition has grown over the years and that it is a mixture of artists – some new ones and some who have exhibited before. Michael gives us an insight into his work on the artist Transformer (Burnel Penhal), a performance art pioneer of the 90s. ‘Loudest Whispers’ can be seen at the St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre Gallery Space until 10th April.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Supreme Fabulettes: ‘One Night Only’

2) Wallis Bird: ‘Hardly Hardly’ from the album “Architecture”

3) Rae Spoon: ‘Danger Danger Danger’ from the album “Love Is a Hunter”

4) David Bowie: ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ from the album “Lodger”

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