Listen again: 18th March 2014

Oliver Lynes as Josh and Michael Edwards as Ruby in 'A Hard Rain' Photo: Derek Drescher

Oliver Lynes as Josh and Michael Edwards as Ruby in ‘A Hard Rain’
Photo: Derek Drescher

Rosie talks over the phone to Canadian singer-songwriter Rae Spoon in Montréal, who is the subject of the documentary ‘My Prairie Home’. The Canadian film explores Rae’s experience of being transgender. It receives its European premier at the BFI on 26th March during the LLGFF (now called ‘Flare’). Rae tells us that ‘My Prairie Home’ is actually a musical documentary, in which some scenes are filmed like video clips. She also reveals that she first wrote the songs and the documentary about her childhood was made around them. With all the music in the film, it is accompanies by Rae’s latest album of the same name, ‘My Prairie Home’. As with Gender Failure last year, Rae will also perform some songs from it after the screening of the film on 26th March at the BFI.

Singer-songwriter K Anderson talks about the release of the single ’14 Year Old Me’ and his musical influences such as Ani Di Franco. K Anderson shares his beginnings in song writing, the experience of releasing his debut album ‘The Overthinker’ and how he went about writing ’14 Year Old Me’, which includes memories of his friends.

We hear from the actors Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne, who play the designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé, with whom he founded his business, in the French film ‘Yves Saint Laurent’. Pierre Niney describes the unique relationship between the designer and the businessman, which lasted until Yves Saint Laurent’s death in 2008. At the same time Guillaume Gallienne gives us some insight into the shooting process, in which the relationship between the filmmakers seemed to mirror their characters. They also explain the current trend in French cinemas that portrays gay relationships. Yves Saint Laurent is released in the cinemas on 21st March.

Author Martin Hooper talks about ‘A Hard Rain’, a play he wrote together with Jon Bradfield. The drama is set in and around a bar in New York in 1969 a few days before the Stonewall riots. Martin discusses the mood of the time, the locals in Greenwich Village and the research for the play. The character of Ruby, for example, a volatile drag queen, is very representative for the time and place. She served in the Vietnam War and is now full of anger for being treated as a second class citizen only because she is gay and prefers female clothes. ‘A Hard Rain’ is running at the Above the Stag Theatre until 30th March.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Rae Spoon: ‘Love Is a Hunter’ from the album “My Prairie Home”

2) CN Lester: ‘Aether’ from the album “Aether”

3) K Anderson: ‘14 Year Old Me’

4) Mica: ‘Love’ from the soundtrack “Under the Skin”

5) Marques Toliver: ‘Control’ from the album “Land of CanAan”

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