Listen again: 25th March 2014

Drag Artists: Camden's Black Cap Photo: David Collingwood

Drag Artists: Camden’s Black Cap
Photo: David Collingwood

Rosie chats to Curious, an innovative live art/theatre duo, who present their latest show ‘Best Before End’. It explores the inevitability of the ageing process with lots of dark humour. Curious consist of Leslie Hill and Helen Paris who are a couple that has worked together for 17 years. They explain that the show is about “all the things you want to say before time runs out” and that sugar cubes play a significant part in the performance. ‘Best Before End‘ runs at Chelsea Theatre from 26th to 28th March.

Culture reporter Wendy Baverstock reviews the French biopic ‘Yves Saint Laurent’, which focuses on the relationship between the famous designer and his partner Pierre Bergé. She very much admired the beauty of the film and Pierre Niney’s portrayal of the troubled artist, but missed Yves Saint Laurent’s contributions to fashion, e.g. the trouser suit for women, and why he was so important in his field.

Photographer David Collingwood and Eva Megias, a Spanish conceptual artist, offer us an insight into their work that is presented at the ‘Loudest Whispers’ exhibition. David’s work includes documenting drag artists in Camden at the Black Cap, portraying what happens behind the scenes. While working on the project he learned that the switching from ‘man to women’ in respect of the names used to address them happens “when the wig comes on”.

Eva created cartoons about people coming out of the closet regardless of sexuality and gender. She also talks about the experience of having a mother that not only supports her art work but practically pushes her into it.

‘Loudest Whispers’ can be seen at the St Pancras Hospital Conference Centre Gallery Space Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm until 10th April 2014. The final evening on the 10th also offers the opportunity to meet the artists. The event starts 5.30pm and includes screenings of short films.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Rufus Wainwright: ‘Me and Liza’ from the album “Vibrate: Best of”

2) Anaïs Mitchell: ‘Wedding Song’ from the album “Hadestown”

3) Wallis Bird: ‘I Can Be Your Man’ from the album “Architect”

4) The Hidden Cameras: ‘Year of the Spawn’ from the album “Age”

5) Rae Spoon: ‘Love Is a Hunter’ from the album “My Prairie Home”

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