Listen again: 15th April 2014

Puffball at the CircusFest at the Roundhouse Photo: Stephen King

‘Puffball’ at the CircusFest at the Roundhouse
Photo: Stephen King

Acrobats Chris Willoughby “Chrisalys” and Paul Evans present ‘Puffball’, which is part of the CircusFest at the Roundhouse. They tell us how they got involved in the project and about the unusual approach to creating the show. It is a devised piece that is drawn from personal experience made by young people identifying themselves as LGBT. Their stories are told through circus performances, some are with words and some without. Chris and Paul also talk about the way circus art has changed over the years and how it defines itself today. ‘Puffball’ runs at the Roundhouse from 22nd til 27th April.

Over the phone from Scotland, former editor of ScotsGay Martin Walker, who covered the Edinburgh Fringe for many years for the magazine before  becoming comedy editor of Broadway Baby. He offers an insight into what acts will be presented in early summer in preparation for the Fringe. Martin highly recommends David Mills, Susan Calman and Joe Lysett and points out that the Fringe has increasingly become a comedy festival and is less international than it used to be. They also discuss bisexuality and how he presents his bisexual identity, especially in the environment of a small Scottish village, in which he lives with his wife.

Comedian Andrew Doyle talks about his appearance on the ‘One Pound Cabaret’ at The Kings Arms in Waterloo on 20th April and his new show ‘Zero Tolerance’ which will be at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Andrew also reveals the comedians he admires such as David Hoyle and Victoria Wood and shares memories of gigs with challenging audiences, among them gay ones.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Suede: ‘It Starts and Ends with You’ from the album “Bloodsports”

2)    Tim Fischer: ‘Is that All there Is?’ from the album “Aus Blauem Glase”

3)    Heather Peace: ‘Lily’ from the album “The Thin Line”

4)    Jam Today: ‘Jam Today’

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