Listen again: 29th April 2014

Rosie Beaver appearing in 'Drag Queens of London'

Rosie Beaver appearing in the TV documentary ‘Drag Queens of London’ on London Live

Jason Mitchell executive producer of ‘Drag Queens of London’ gives an insight into the eight-part documentary series that is currently shown on London Live. He and Rosie discuss the first episode of ‘Drag Queens of London’ which aired on 22nd April and featured the Buffalo Girls and their challenging comeback. Jason tells us that the idea came from London Live’s brief to produce a programme about contemporary London that hasn’t been done before. Another aim was to explore the men behind the acts, which showed that there is a mix of drag queens. Jason also gives away of what can be expected in the coming episodes such as a friendship maybe falling apart, the Supreme Fabulettes on skis, an insight into Trannyshack Academy and Rosie Beaver who is looking for love. The latest information on the show and exclusive material can be found on Twitter @DragQueens.

Culture reporter Laura Macdougall offers a preview of ‘The Testament of Mary’ which she saw on Broadway last year and has Fiona Shaw playing Mary. Laura describes the show as 90 minutes of complete emotion and pain from the moment Mary can be seen on stage, where she talks about her son’s death. Since the focus is on the mother-son relationship, the story has a universal and contemporary appeal. The fact that she also drinks alcohol and rolls cigarettes makes her a very modern character. Rosie and Laura also discuss the long working relationship between Fiona Shaw and Deborah Warner. ‘The Testament of Mary’ by Colm Tóibín runs at the Barbican from 1st to 25th May.

Over the phone from the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, Linnie Reedman tells us about the musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, which she has written and directed. Linnie explains that it is not a musical as such but the music is used more like a Greek chorus. As the character of theatre director Mr Isaacs leads through the story, the show has theatrical set up that even includes a burlesque number. She talks about the challenges of the production and points out the different versions of novel and lines that were censored in Wilde’s original work such as ‘He never loved a women’ in respect of the painter Basil. Linnie also reveals where the name Dorian Gray comes from. ‘Dorian Gray’ is produced by Ruby in the Dust and runs at the Riverside Studios from 16th April to 10th May.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Supreme Fabulettes: ‘One Night Only’

2) Andrew M Pisanu: ‘How Do You Feel About Forever’ from the EP “Don Your Gloves and Get Stuck In”

3) Mica: ‘Love’ from the soundtrack “Under the Skin”

4) Heather Peace: ‘Lily’ from the album “The Thin Line”

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