Listen again: 13th May 2014

Alastair Brookshaw in 'De Profundis' Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Alastair Brookshaw in ‘De Profundis’
Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Baylen Leonard sits in for Rosie. He talks to Jack Thorpe-Baker about directing Noel Coward’s musical ‘Ace of Clubs’ at the Union Theatre. Jack explains why Coward wrote the piece and that some songs had to be slightly edited to conform to the present day. He also shares that despite having a background in dance, he decided to let someone else do the choreography. For this production, the auditorium of the theatre is transformed into a night club, which creates a suitable atmosphere and gives the audience the feeling of being part of the show. Ace of Clubs runs at the Union Theatre from 7th  to 31st  May.

Stuart Saint offers an insight into the Oscar Wilde musical ‘De Profundis’ which he directed at the Leicester Square Theatre. ‘De Profundis’ is based on a letter Oscar Wilde wrote to his lover Bosie while Wilde was in prison in 1897. Stuart reveals that there were no attempts to make Alastair Brookshaw, who plays Oscar Wilde in the piece, look like the famous writer, because it was more about the human condition and a journey of self-discovery than the representation of the man, particularly since the play shows a side of Wilde that is little known. The musical came out of the New Musical Project, which was initiated by the Leicester Square Theatre, where it runs from 1st May to 8th June.

Writer and performer Karen McLeod chats about her comedy character Barbara Brownskirt, a lesbian poet obsessed with Judi Dench. Karen tells us that the character was a result of a performance art course that she took and later decided to make comedy out of it. Besides working as a performer, she has also written the novel ‘In Search of the Missing Eyelash’ and is currently working on her next book. More by her can be found her on blog called ‘View from the 13th Floor’. Barbara is part of‘Femmes by the Thames’ at the Battersea Barge on 15th May.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Lake Street Dive: ‘Bad Self Portraits’ from the album “Bad Self Portraits”

2) Noel Coward: ‘Sail Away’ from the musical “Ace of Clubs”

3) Alastair Brookshaw: ‘Symphony of Sorrow’ from the musical “De Profundis”

4) Jill Jackson: ‘Getaway Driver’ from the album “Getaway Driver”

5) Valerie June: ‘Can’t Be Told’

6) Barb Junger: ‘Hard Rain’ from the album “Hard Rain”

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