Listen again: 27th May 2014

'Sandel' by Glenn Chandler at Above the Stag Theatre

‘Sandel’ by Glenn Chandler at Above the Stag Theatre

Rosie talks to director Glenn Chandler about his stage adaptation of Angus Stewart’s classic novel Sandel. Set in 1960s Oxford, it describes the love affair between a 19-year-old undergraduate and a choirboy. Glenn has read the book when he was a young man and was asked to adapt it for the stage. It was first shown at the Edinburgh Fringe where it was only an hour long. For the London run the production could be extended which allowed Glenn to explore the love story in more detail. ‘Sandel’ runs at the Above the Stag Theatre from 20th May to 14th June.

Stand-up poet and comedian Jack Rooke speaks about his involvement with Poejazzi who reimagine Allen Ginsberg’s epic poem ‘Howl’. Jack points out that the themes of the poem such as loneliness and confusion still matter today as he refers to his work with the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), which aims at preventing male suicide in the UK as suicide is the biggest cause of death in young men. Jack also recites one of his poems called ‘9 Billion Bisexuals in Bejing’. ‘Howl 2.0’ is at the Roundhouse on 29th and 30th May and more of Jack can be heard when he takes part in Queer’Say at the Canada Water Culture Space on 2nd October.

Comedian Jim Walker presents his one-man-show ‘Normal Heights’, an original musical set in suburbia, an environment of “don’t ask, don’t tell” in America. Jim’s was inspired to write the piece when he inherited his uncle’s journal, who grew up as a gay man in San Diego, California, in 1950s. He remembers that although he and his partner were welcomed by the family, the nature of their relationship was not talked about. After a performances in Brighton, ‘Normal Heights’ can be seen at the Leicester Square Theatre between 26th and 28th May.

Singer Barb Jungr presents her latest album ‘Hard Rain’, which features songs from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Barb tells us how ‘Hard Rain’ came about: She didn’t want to do love songs anymore and decided to look back at the 1960s and realised that some things in society hadn’t changed that much. She shares memories of working with comedian Julian Clary and talks about her work with fellow singer Mari Wilson. Together with Mari she presents the show ‘Woman to Woman’ on 1st June at the Crazy Coqs and on 6th July, at the same venue, Julian Clary is a special guest on her show.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Owen Pallett: ‘In Conflict’ from the album “In Conflict”

2) Kate Tempest: ‘The Beigeness’ from the album “Everybody Down”

3) Barb Junger: ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ from the album “Hard Rain”

4) Liz Green: ‘Haul Away’ from the album “Haul Away”


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