Listen again: 10th June 2014

Matt Tedford's comedy musical 'Margaret Thatcher - Queen of Soho'

Matt Tedford’s comedy musical
‘Margaret Thatcher – Queen of Soho’

Rosie chats to performer Matt Tedford, whose drag comedy musical ‘Margaret Thatcher – Queen of Soho’ presents the former prime minister as a cabaret superstar in 1980s Soho. Matt tells us that the play was commissioned by Theatre 503 when Thatcher died and he wrote it with Jon Brittain as an alternative history as to what would have happened, if Thatcher had been more gay friendly. He also shares that he did the costume himself, where the bra was a special matter… ‘Margaret Thatcher – Queen of Soho’ is part of the Edinburgh Fringe and runs from 31st July to 24th August.

Helene Maloigne from Dyke March London gives us details of what can be expected at this year’s event, which aims at raising lesbian visibility and celebrates lesbian identity. She points out that everybody is welcome and she and Rosie discuss the word ‘dyke’ and the disappearance of ‘women-only’ spaces. On 21st June, the 3rd Dyke March London starts near Hyde Park Corner and ends in Soho Square. The afterparty takes place at the Bar Titania.

Artist Nick Field talks about his recent show ‘Adventure/Misadventure’ and his involvement with ‘Queer’Say’. Nick reveals that his poetry is drawn from personal experience and he recites two poems for us in the studio. One is about a love affair without a happy ending and the other is inspired by him being part of the ‘radical fairy movement’ as he explains. ‘Queer’Say’ at the Canada Water Culture Space on 4th July. (This Queer’Say event, together with one on 2nd October can be booked for £15 total using the code ‘APPLES’).

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)    Erasure: ‘A Little Respect’ from the album “The Innocents”

2)    David Bowie: ‘Heroes’ from the album “Heroes”

3)    Nick Field: ‘Nine to Five’ from the show “Adventure / Misadventure”

4)    Heather Peace: ‘We Can Change’ from the album “The Thin Line”

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