Listen again: 17th June 2014

Moomins Show Image PressRosie welcomes Robyn Exton, founder of lesbian dating app Dattch, which was produced in 2012 in the UK and has recently been launched in the US. Robyn explains that Dattch was designed by women for women. When developing the app, her team thought about what makes one woman want to message another. Different to other apps it is based on the Pinterest model and ensures a safe environment for its users. There’s also an option to connect with women on a basis of a friendship rather to find a partner.

Ruth Calkin gives an insight into the new musical puppetry show ‘Moominsummer Madness’, in which she plays Moominmama. Ruth reveals that she has been a fan of the Moomins since she was a child and shares how she got involved in the project. She and Rosie also discuss the unconventional life of Moomin-creator Tove Jansson. ‘Moominsummer Madness’ coincides with the 100th anniversary of  Tove Jansson and runs at the Polka Theatre from 11th June to 16th August.

Author Clare Lydon presents her novel ‘London Calling’. Set in modern-day London, it follows the story of 32-year-old Jess Sharp, whose life is in pieces when she meets her true love. Clare points out that the book is not autobiographical although she knows people like her central character. However, she says that the book is the result of a change in her life when she was made redundant and used the money to finish ‘London Calling’, which she was working on already. Clare also talks about the process of self-publishing and the support she received from her friends.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1)  Amanda Rheaume: ‘The Strongest Heart’ from the album “Keep a Fire”

2) Andrew M Pisanu: ‘How Do You Feel About Forever’ from the album “Collecting Diseases”

3)  Owen Pallett: ‘I’m Not Afraid’ from the album “In Conflict”

4)  Janette Mason: ‘I Wish’ from the album “D’Ranged”

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