Listen again: 24th June 2014

Love GameRosie introduces Laura MacDougall‘s interview with Andrew Solomon, author of ‘Far from the Tree’. The book won last year’s Green Carnation Prize and portrays how parents deal with their children who have a different identity to their own. Andrew recalls how he came to write ‘Far from the Tree’ and explains the difference between horizontal and vertical identities. He also describes the criteria that made him include certain groups such as the deaf community. His next project will be a book about new concepts of parenthood.

Elizabeth Wilson presents her book ‘Love Game’, which looks at the history of tennis from Victorian times until today and reveals its subversiveness. Elizabeth first played tennis as a child and was later interested in the sport within the context of the feminist movement in the 1970s. She points out that the book should have rather been called ‘A Queer History of Tennis’ and that tennis was once regarded as a ‘sissy game’. She and Rosie also discuss the BBC 4 documentary ‘The Legend of Billy Jean King’ within the Storyville strand. On Thursday 26th June, Elizabeth reads from ‘Love Game’ at the bookshop ‘Gay’s the Word’.

Musician Janette Mason offers us an insight into her album ‘D’Ranged’, which we featured on the show when it was still in the making. Janette tells us how she chose the songs. She says that some were taken from a previous commitment at Pizza Express, for which she had rearranged well-known titles such as David Bowie’s ‘Ashes to Ashes’. She also remembers what it was like in the recording studio and that David McAlmont had suggested the track ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ on which he features. ‘D’Ranged’ is released on 4th August and until then Janette can be heard live at the Hideway in Streatham from 26th to 28th June as well as every Sunday in July at the same venue.

Choreographer Phil Aiden and Theatre Manager Andrew Beckett talk about the musical comedy ‘Bathhouse – The Musical’. It tells the story of Billy who visits the bathhouse for the first time. While he’s looking for love, he discovers that others pursuit something else… Phil and Andrew explain that the musical originated as a song cycle and has already been extended because of its popularity. Together with Rosie they also find out that female saunas are much different – very quiet, for instance. ‘Bathhouse – the Musical’ is directed by Tim McArthur and runs at the Above the Stag Theatre from 18th June to 9th August.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Hercules & Love Affair: ‘I Try to Talk to You’ from the album “The Feast of the Broken Heart”

2) Heidrick: ‘Maria’s Donkey’

3) Janette Mason: ‘You Do Something To Me’ from the album “D’Ranged”

4) Janette Mason: ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ from the album “D’Ranged”

5) Janette Mason: ‘Ashes to Ashes’ from the album “D’Ranged”

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