Listen again: 30th September 2014

Author Kelly Cogswell Photo: Uzi Parnes

Author Kelly Cogswell
Photo: Uzi Parnes

Rosie chats to poetry slam performer Anna Kahn. Anna explains that she suffered from insomnia while at school and only later when she started working in a supermarket, she started to write. The physical work at the supermarket left her brain unchallenged and she turned her thoughts into poetry. At the same time she also started to perform. She also recalls a performance at a loading bay at the Royal Albert Hall. Anna presents a poem in the studio, which was written for a festival about the Earth. Anna takes part in the poetry event Queer’Say at the Canada Water Culture Space on 2nd October.

Filmmaker Nathan Evans presents a selection of his short films under the title ‘Flash Forward’. They serve as a fundraiser for his first feature ‘The Grey Liberation Front’ to star Simon Callow and Nina Wadia. Nathan tells us about the films he has made since 1993. They include ‘The Significant Death of Quentin Crisp’ and ‘Rock’n’Roll Suicide’, which was inspired by David Bowie’s song of the same name. He has also worked with performance artist David Hoyle. For his feature he is raising money via Indiegogo. The screening of ‘Flash Forward’ takes place at Hackney Picturehouse on Sunday 12th October 2014.

American author Kelly Cogswell  introduces her book ‘Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger’. Kelly has been involved with the Lesbian Avengers since 1992 to bring attention to lesbian issues. She remembers the beginnings of the campaign and describes an event that let to the title of the book, ‘Eating Fire’. Kelly is also co-founder and co-editor of The Gully online magazine.

Actress Sophie Ward gives an insight into the play ‘Flowers of the Forest’ and her role Naomi, who lost the love of her life as a young woman during the First World War. Sophie talks about how she relates to the character and her work as an actress. She reveals that she gets very close to the characters she plays, which is not always easy for the people around her. Since she was recently nominated for the European Diversity Award in the category Inspirational Role Model of the Year, she and Rosie also discuss what it means to come out in the media industry and her experience as a gay parent. ‘Flowers of the Forest’ runs at the Jermyn Street Theatre until 18th October.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Rae Spoon: ‘Love Is a Hunter’ from the album “Love Is a Hunter”

2) David Bowie: ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ from the album “Lodger”

3) The Irrepressibles: ‘Ship’ from the album “Nude” (Landscape)

4) Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra: ‘Blue Moon’ from the album “Top Hits of the 1930s Vol. 1”

5) The Supreme Fabulettes: ‘One Night Only’

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