Listen again: 7th October 2014

Next+Fall+posterRosie speaks to actor Charlie Condou who currently stars in ‘Next Fall’, Geoffrey Nauffts’ play that depicts a gay couple in contemporary New York. Charlie tells us how he got involved in the play and in which way it resonates with him. He says, he had his ‘fair share’ of relationship problems himself regarding the problems the couple in the play face, which include coming out, loss, faith and religion. He also shares that he doesn’t mind being ‘type-cast’ as a gay actor after having played the character of Marcus Dent in the TV series ‘Coronation Street’ for many years. He points out that, when offered a part, the character itself is more important than its sexuality. He points out that in the case of ‘Next Fall’, it doesn’t feel like a gay play as it addresses more ‘universal’ matters. He also explains how his Guardian column ‘The Three of Us‘ about gay parenting came about. ‘Next Fall’ runs at Southwark Playhouse until 25th October.

Writer Clayton Littlewood reviews ‘Single Spies’ at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. It’s a double bill consisting of Alan Bennett’s ‘An Englishman Abroad’ and ‘A Question of Attribution’, which revolves around the Cambridge Spies Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt. Clayton provides background information on the featured persons, including actress Coral Browne, and describes a scene with the Queen in ‘A Question of Attribution’, which stood out to him. He very much enjoyed Bennett’s clever dialogue and the strong performances by Alexander Hanson playing Guy Burgess, Michael Pennington playing Anthony Blunt and Helen Schlesinger playing Coral Browne as well as the Queen. However, Clayton found that the portrayal of the spies was lacking a gay sensibility. To someone, who didn’t know much about Burgess and Blunt, their sexuality would not have been clear from these performances. This is very much in contrast to James Fox’s portrayal of Anthony Blunt in the 1992 film version of ‘A Question of Attribution’. Apart from that, Clayton highly recommends the production of ‘Single Spies’, which can be seen at the Rose Theatre in Kingston until 11th October.

Clayton also presents a brief introduction to Nicholas de Jongh’s new play ‘The Unquiet Grave of Garcia Lorca’, which reveals the relationship Spanish playwright Garcia Lorca had to a younger man. It is at the Drayton Arms in South Kensington until 25th October.

Clayton himself anticipates the publication of a collection of his short stories as an ebook.

Sculptural artist Andrew Logan speaks about his 13th ‘Alternative Miss World’, a competition, which, this year, has the theme ‘Neon Numbers’. Andrew explains where the inspiration for the theme came from and what past events were like. The first competition took place in 1972 and on one occasion in the 1970s he even had to turn away David Bowie as the event was full. The competition includes day wear, swim wear and evening wear as well as a personality interview. The Alternative Miss World does not focus on beauty, but on transformation in a world where creativity, equality and the unique are celebrated. Andrew regards the competition as a surreal art event around family enterainment. The event coincides with the relocation of his London studio and an upcoming exhibition at Southwark Cathedral. ‘Alternative Miss World’ takes place on 18th October at Shakespeare’s Globe.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Marques Toliver: ‘Control’ from the album “Land of CanAan”

2) Perfume Genius: ‘All Along’ from the album “Too Bright”

3) Jack Buchanan: ‘Who (Stole My Heart Away) from the album “Everything Stops For Tea”

4) O’Hooley & Tidow: ‘The Hum’ from the album “The Hum”

5) Marlene Dietrich: ‘Symphonie’ from the album “The Marlene Dietrich Collection”

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