Listen again: 14th October 2014

Mark Farrelly playing Quentin Crisp

Mark Farrelly playing Quentin Crisp

Rosie speaks to filmmaker Veronica McKenzie who talks about her latest project ‘Finding Home’. Veronica  explains that she was asked by the Southwark LGBT Network to make a documentary about LGBT refugees and their experience in the UK. She decided to focus on five refugees in order to be able to follow their story in-depth. They come from different countries such as Spain, Hungary and Uganda. Veronica is also working on the feature-length documentary Under Your Nose about a community centre for black lesbians and gay men in London. She is also developing a film about Claudette Robinson, the first female singer signed to Motown. More about Veronica’s work can be seen at The screening Finding Home is on 31st October at the Southbank University.

Actor Mark Farrelly gives us an insight into his solo show ‘Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope’, which he has written and performed in. Mark remembers how struck he was by Quentin Crisp’s biography and points out that he took a philosophical approach when presenting Quentin, that is exploring his different sides. Mark says, Quentin’s main message was to be true to oneself. When devising the piece and portraying Quentin, Mark also lets a little bit of himself filter through it. Besides ‘Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope’, Mark wrote ‘The Silence of Snow’, a one-man show about author Patrick Hamilton. Mark currently works on a play about actor Frankie Howerd and on another play on the theme of therapy. After a successful run in Edinburgh and at the St James Theatre, Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope can be seen again at Greenwich Theatre on 23rd October 2014.

Rosie chats to artist Lisa Gornick who presents her Live Drawing Shows. Lisa describes these shows as ‘an intimate comedy storytelling show with live drawing, stories and revelations along the way’. The work is inspired by her grandmother and her family history. Lisa is also a filmmaker and her film ‘The Book of Gabrielle’ is nearly finished. Her Live Drawing Shows take place in October at two venues, one is The Rose and Crown in Kentish Town, the other The Betsey Trotwood in Clerkenwell.

Lisa also reviews ‘Lilting’, which is out on DVD. Lilting stars Ben Wishaw and tells of a Cambodian-Chinese mother who not only has to deal with her son’s death but also with getting to know his partner. Lisa very much enjoyed the film because it is ‘kind, mindful and deep’ but also because it deals with grief and love. She also appreciates it for its beautiful cinematography and the long shots, which allow the actors to develop their scenes like in theatre.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) David Bowie: ‘Rebel, Rebel’ from the album “Diamond Dogs”

2) Clayton Littlewood reading an extract about Quentin Crisp from his book: “Goodby to Soho” (on the podcast)

3) Kate Tempest: ‘The Beigeness’

4) Perfume Genius: ‘All Along’ from the album “Too Bright”

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