Listen again: 28th October 2014

imgresAuthor James Dawson chats about his book called ‘This Book is Gay’, a guide to sex and relationships for young LGBT people. James was a sex education teacher in Brighton for eight years and explains how ‘This Book is Gay’ came about. He says, it’s about ‘everything I wished I had known when I was 15’ and to fill a gap. The book has three sections: 1. Identity, 2. Homophobia and 3. Sex and Relationships. He has also included a chapter about coming out with scripts for which he received positive feedback. James also refers to his previous fiction books and the next two novels that are due next year. James appears as part of The Write Idea Festival in East London on 15th November.

We hear Brazilian director Daniel Ribero talking about his coming-of-age film ‘The Way He Looks’. It is about a blind teenager in Sao Paolo who discovers his sexuality. Daniel tells us where the idea for the film came from and that it developed out of a short film, which he made previously to secure some funding for the film. He also gives an insight into the casting, which was not easy because of the age that needed portraying. ‘The Way He Looks’ won the Teddy Award at this year’s film festival Berlinale and is in cinemas now.

Rosie talks to Dean Atta, whose book ‘I Am Nobody’s Nigger’ has been shortlisted for the Polari First Book Prize and explores race, identity and sexuality. Dean shares how he was compelled by the Stephen Lawrence case to write the poem that gave the book its title. He also talks about his recent travels to America and South Africa, where the use of the word ‘Nigger’ was discussed. Besides the title poem, Dean reads the poems ‘The Mixer’ and ‘I Come From’ from ‘I Am Nobody’s Nigger’. The collection is published by Team Angelica, who also produced ‘Black and Gay in the UK’, a book that focuses on black male experience and also features a piece written by Dean.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Neneh Cherry: ‘Spit Three Times’ from the album “Blank Project”

2) The Irrepressibles: ‘Ship’ from the album “Nude” (Landscape)

3) Erasure: ‘Reason’ from the album “The Violet Flame”

4) Owen Pallett: ‘I’m Not Afraid’ from the album “In Conflict”

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