Listen again: 11th November 2014

logoRosie has LGBT activist Sue Sanders on the phone to offer us details about the pre-launch of the LGBT History Month, which, in 2015, is dedicated to coded lives. Sue presents Anne Lister, Hugh Paddick, Kenneth Williams, Frida Kahlo and Chevalier d’Eon as those who are featured during the next LGBT History Month. She tells us in which way ‘coded’ is defined and that one focus, among others, will be on Polari as a language. The launch takes place on 18th November at The Museum of The Order of St John in Clerkenwell.

Rosie chats to performance poet Anny Knight who specialises in gigs for mostly women’s and lesbian audiences. Anny’s work is described with: Despite her sad and tragic tales of a lost and lonely lesbian looking for love, there is comedy involved. She remembers how she started in the 1990s and performed for the lesbian group Kenric. Anny also recalls other gigs and reads two poems for us: ‘Disco Dyke Enigmas’ and ‘Green Eyes’. With her narrative poems, Anny is part of the Story Sessions on 19th November at the Café of Good Hope in Hither Greene.

Director Chris Goode talks about his projects ‘Longwave’, a comedy without dialogue, and ‘Men in the Cities’, which he presented at Edinburgh this year. Chris reveals that ‘Longwave’ had been produced already in 2006 and that it was quite a challenge to revive it as there was no script or recording of it. It was reconstructed from the memories the team had. He also tells us how ‘Men in the Cities’ came about, which follows different men and takes on serious matters such as suicide. During his research for the project he found out how difficult it is for men to say things, acknowledge or cope with problems. For him it is important to engage the audience and not to shy away from issues that are perhaps uncomfortable for some.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Annie Keating: ‘Coney Island’ from the album “Make Believing”

2) Caroline Trettine: ‘Statuesque’ from the album “Gay Demo”

3) Rufus Wainwright: ‘Going to a Town’ from the album “The Best of Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate”

4) Erasure: ‘Reason’ from the album “The Violet Flame”

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