Thank You and Happy Bidding!

The Way He LooksWe would like to thank all our donors for their kind contributions, which include books, theatre tickets, CDs, DVDs, posters and art work. They can be bid for on Resonance’s auction page and the station’s Ebay Auction Page, which is updated daily with more items.








There are signed books from

Clayton Littlewood: Goodbye to Soho and Dirty White Boy

Clare Lydon: London Calling and The Long Weekend

Catherine Hall: Repercussions

Diriye Osman: Fairytales for Lost Children

Dean Atta: I Am Nobody’s Nigger

Cherry Potts: Mosaic of Air

Carolyn Robertson: Two Dads

The first eight books come in a bundle, Two Dads is to follow in March.


There are tickets for

Lovesong of the Electric Bear at the Hope Theatre, 24 Feb to 7 March

London Gay Symphony Orchestra on 22 February

Polari Literary Salon at the Southbank on 23 February

The Z List Dead List with Iszi Lawrence, every 2nd Sunday of a month

Isherwood Walking Tour in Berlin with tour guide Brendan Nash


There are CDs from

Bourgeois & Maurice: The Third

Wallis Bird: Architect


There DVDs and posters from Peccadillo Pictures, Kat Holmes and Andrew Logan

DVDs: The Way He Looks, True Love, Stud Life, Reaching for the Moon, Submerge

Posters: Eastern Boy, You and the Night, The Way He Looks, The Alternative Miss World (original)


Artwork from Andrew Logan and Peter Herbert

Andrew Logan: Heart-Shaped Brooch


And to keep you cool in the summer, a T-shirt from

Planet London: Planet London T-Shirt


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