Listen again: 17th February 2015

Teddy Projection

The Teddy Award is an LGBT film award presented during Berlin’s international film festival, the Berlinale.

Musical performer Tim McArthur chats to Rosie about his debut album Don’t Be Anything Less. He also tells us about getting his kit off in the revival of Bathhouse the Musical, which runs at Above the Stag from 25th February to 29th March.

The Teddy Award celebrates the best of current LGBT films at the Berlinale, Berlin’s international film festival. Out in South London’s co-producer Sabine Schereck takes a closer look at this special award that is now in its 29th year. While Wieland Speck, Chairman of the Teddy Award, remembers its beginnings, Flare Coordinator Muffin Hix describes how exciting it was being part of this year’s jury.   

Rosie chairs a debate featuring tech entrepreneur Robyn Exton and Elaine McKenzie, who ran popular women’s spaces The Glass Bar and Southopia, on whether our sense of LGBT community and purpose has been strengthened or weakened by the growth of online networking and apparent political advancement. Have so many fondly remembered gay venues closed down simply because we no longer need them now that we can get married and have kids? Or have we become complacent and lost something vital to our movement’s continued progress and our individual well-being? Elaine puts this development down to changes within the society and economy such as increased rents. Robyn points out that women enjoy going to one-off events and often find out about these online.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Tim McArthur: Dangerous Cabaret from the album Don’t Be Anything Less

2) Soak: Sea Creatures from the album Before We Forgot How To Dream

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