Listen again: 31st March 2015

22882816Rosie chats to Paula Varjack ahead of her performance at our very own spoken word event Queer’Say at Tate Modern on 19th April. Paula‘s multi-genre work explores identity and our desire for connection. She also discusses bisexual and queer identities, the relationship between money and art and The Anti Social Network, a show she developed after the death of a friend.

Patrick Gale‘s latest novel, A Place Called Winter, was inspired by his great-grandfather, who emigrated to Canada in the early 20th century. Patrick speaks to Laura Macdougall about crafting historical fiction and taking creative license with his own family history, and about writing a ‘great gay love story’. 

Rachel Lob-levyt, producer of the forthcoming TV documentary Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids, tells us about the young people they met at a pioneering gender clinic in San Francisco. She and Rosie also focus on children transitioning at a very early age and the journey their parents are on too. The resulting film of these stories airs on BBC2 at 9pm on 5th April.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Paula Varjack: Dear Straight Girl from the EP Always Back Somewhere

2) Waldemaar: Paula Varjack from the album Schizolectric

3) Rae Spoon: dangerdangerdanger from the album Love Is a Hunter

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