Listen again: 7 April 2015

If You Leave choreographed by Andrea Walker at the Blue Elephant Theatre

If You Leave choreographed by Andrea Walker at the Blue Elephant Theatre

Baylen Leonard is our guest presenter this week while Rosie is speaking at Edinburgh Science Festival.

He talks to Lincoln based performer and theatre maker Jon M Coleman as he rehearses his solo show How to Be a Man. Through personal stories, interviews, self help books, social assumptions, famous quotes and more, he investigates the core values of being a man. He and Baylen discuss masculinity in different social settings and the current perceived crisis in male identity. How to Be a Man runs at Ovalhouse from 8th – 11thApril.

Laura Macdougall speaks to Canadian author Ann-Marie MacDonald about her latest novel, Adult Onset, in which she draws heavily from her own life. Set over the course of a week in the life of Mary Rose MacKinnon, a 48-year-old who apparently ‘has it all’ – a wife, two small children and a successful career as an author. Adult Onset  takes a bold, unflinching look at parenthood, physical and emotional trauma, and how the scars of the past inform and affect the present.

Andrea Walker, artistic director of 201 dance company, choreographs a fusion of contemporary and street dance. He tells us about If You Leave, which explores a relationship between two young men.  It’s a piece based on personal events aiming at integrating LGBT realities into the hip-hop dance world. If You Leave is at the Blue Elephant Theatre from 16th – 18th April.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but that’s what you could hear on the show:

1) Right Said Fred: You’re My Mate from the album Fredhead

2) Awna Teixeira: Yellow Moon from the album Wild One

3) Lucy Spraggan: Someone from the album Join the Club

4) Culture Club: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me from the album Kissing to Be Clever

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