Listen again: 9 June 2015

closet_queens_3317169fRosie talks over to the phone to multiple slam winning poet and author Anna Freeman ahead of her performance at our Queer’Say event at Hackney Attic on 21 June at 4pm. We hear about her debut novel The Fair Fight, a historical story set within the world of female pugilists and their patrons in late 18th century Bristol. She tells us how she first discovered the existence of these women through a Horrible Histories book and how her spoken word performing experience has enhanced her skills at reading at literary events.

The Pride Arts Festival runs from 21-28 June and includes theatre, museum tours, film screenings and more. Festival curator Duncan Day talks us through some highlights and looks ahead to the big day on 27 June. He tells us about his personal experience of being involved in a huge team of volunteers.

Arts producer Jeremy Goldstein tells us about ACT UP London, a revitalised chapter of the international movement AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power. A photo call against a backdrop of a new ACT UP banner designed by Ed Hall takes place in Trafalgar Square on Monday 15 June between 6-8pm. Jeremy also gives us his view on the David Hoyle and Bourgeouis and Maurice collaboration Middle of the Road currently on at Soho Theatre and, while he’s a huge fan of Hoyle’s work, he felt that this piece could have been honed more with a director and, despite lots of fun moments, felt at times like a little bit of an ‘in joke’.

Stewart Who reviews Closet Queens by Michael Bloch, who recently penned the celebrated biography of the scandalised Jeremy Thorpe. For this compendium, Bloch combed the past 130 years to find the men of British politics who’ve lead double lives due to their sexuality – and a few who threw caution to the wind. Bloch’s sweeping account of the corridors of power mixes gossip, fact and analysis of the UK’s cultural evolution to show us how far we’ve come. He also suggests that due to the intrigue, craftiness and theatre required of politicians, gay men may be naturally drawn to the field. Stewart found the more tenuous claims of ‘platonic’ homosexuality unconvincing and didn’t enjoy this as much as Bloch’s Jeremy Thorpe biography which he found excellent.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but here’s what we played on the live show:

1) Rae Spoon: dangerdangerdanger from the album Love Is a Hunter

2) Paula Varjack: Dear Straight Girl from the EP Always Back Somewhere

3) Bourgeois & Maurice: Goodbye Europe from the album The Third

4) Queen: Killer Queen from the album Greatest Hits

5) Clare Teal: The Way Young Lovers Do from the album At Your Request

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