Listen again: 27 September 2016

Paul Keating as Kenny Morgan

Paul Keating as Kenny Morgan

Clayton Littlewood hosts the show and chats over the phone to acor Paul Keating who plays the title role in the drama Kenny Morgan, which runs at the Arcola Theatre until 15 October. Kenneth Morgan was Terence Rattigan’s lover and their tragic relationship inspired Rattigan to write The Deep Blue Sea.

He also talks to the musicians Hifi Sean and Maggie K De Monde who both have new albums out. On his album Ft, Hifi Sean has collaborated with the likes of Yoko Ono and David McAlmont – Maggie also features on the album. Maggie’s new album is called Reverie.

Coming all the way from Berlin, writer Martin Reichert discusses Rufus Norris’ new interpretation of The Threepenny Opera, which plays at the National Theatre until 1 October.

For rights reasons the music is not on the podcast, but here’s what we played on the live show:

1) Noel Coward: Mad About the Boy from the album Mad About the Boy (1932-1943)

2) Hifi Sean ft. Yoko Ono: In Love With Life from the album Ft (on the podcast)

3) Maggie K De Monde: Beyond Pluto from the album Reverie (on the podcast)

4) Tom Hollander and Simon Dormandy: The Cannon Song from The Threepenny Opera                                          (Cast Recording from the 1994 Donmar Warehouse Production)

5) Hifi Sean ft. Maggie K De Monde: Heartbreak House from the album Ft (on the podcast)

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