Sparkle and Trouble in Paradise – Review: Adam & Eve and Steve

Joseph Robinson and Dale Adams as Adam and Steve

A magical Eden awaits you at the King’s Head Theatre. The glittering green tinsel of Maeve Black’s sparkling design creates the perfect setting for the biblical story with a contemporary twist, Adam & Eve and Steve.

Beelzebub (Stephen McGlynn), smartly dressed in black and red, very easy-going, introduces himself. He wants a bit of fun. And what could be better than making a mess of God’s plan? With paradise in place, Adam and Eve are next on his creation list. Enter: Adam, very charmingly played by Joseph Robinson. He explores his surroundings and is full of anticipation of his new companion that God has promised him, Eve. However, Beelzebub is quicker off the mark and introduces Steve (Dale Adams) to the mix. He and Adam get along famously. When Eve (Hayley Hampson) eventually arrives, trouble lies ahead as she claims Adam for herself – after all: that is what God wanted…

Joseph Robinson and Hayley Hampson as Adam and Eve

Chandler Warren (book and lyrics) and Wayne Moore (music) have created a clever, heart-warming and entertaining show that is brilliantly brought to life by director and choreographer Francesca Goodridge. The microcosm of the triangular relationship and the two antagonists – God (Michael Christopher) and Beelzebub – neatly encapsulates the highs and lows of life with a dash of showbiz razzmatazz. It’s a joy to watch the newcomers in paradise discovering the world, blossoming in companionship, longing for a home or despairing as a result of unrequited love. Also, where else could you find a music-hall-type tap number between God and Beelzebub reminiscing of better days as in Song and Dance Man?

With their witty lyrics and catchy tunes, the numbers You Look Like Me, With You, What Love Is and Empty Hell Blues are little gems wonderfully performed by an excellent cast.

For a blissful 75 minutes, the show offers a touch of musical theatre paradise.

Adam & Eve and Steve runs at the King’s Head Theatre until 29 April.

By Sabine Schereck

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